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Organisational Membership Scheme

If you are a local, not-for-profit organisation, then we can offer you “organisational membership”. This means that several registered staff members can use our cars and bikes but the bills will be sent to the organisation. The conditions are as follows:

  • Any not-for-profit organisation can apply. Only those staff members who register with Moray Carshare using our standard application form may drive our cars.
  • We have negotiated a special deal with our insurance company in order that organisational members may be insured to use our cars for their business purposes. An offer of membership will depend upon approval from our insurance company, and they will require some details about your organisation and your intended usage of our cars.
  • If we do not have adequate capacity of cars in the relevant district, then the organisation that has applied may be put on a waiting list until the necessary cars are procured.
  • The bills for all staff usage are emailed at end of each month to an email address chosen by the organisation, and must be paid by that organisation within 14 days.
  • Registered charities receive a 50% reduction on the joining fee.
  • As organisational members, cars may only be used for business activities, and not for personal/private purposes. Registered staff of organisational members can join Moray Carshare as private, individual members at a 67% discount off the normal joining fee.
  • The organisation chooses which pricing level is appropriate for its predicted usage load. This can be reviewed and adjusted at the request of either party – e.g. if the chosen level is proving to be inappropriate.


Organisational Membership Charges Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Max. no. of cars bookable at same time 1 2 3
Joining fee (organisation)
Introduction session* (for staff)
Deposit £30 £40 £50
Annual subscription £70 £140 £210
Hourly rate^ (Aygo, Picanto & Trailer) £2.03 £1.93 £1.83
Hourly rate^ (Leaf, Zoe, Yaris, Fabia) £2.24 £2.13 £2.02
Hourly rate^ (Citroen Berlingo) £2.85 £2.71 £2.56
Hourly rate when over max. bookable Double Double Double
Daily rate 9x hr. rate 9x hr. rate 9x hr. rate
Charge per mile (first 20 miles / remainder) 26p/18p 26p/18p 26p/18p
Extra per mile charge for Yaris 2.4p 2.4p 2.4p
Extra per mile charge for Berlingo & Fabia 3.6p 3.6p 3.6p

* Up to 3 staff can attend each “introduction session” (about 90 minutes).

^ No charge between 11pm and 7am.

Last revised on 23/10/2019

Application for Organisational Membership

We have read and understood the Moray Carshare Operational Agreement and Tariffs (published at We agree to abide by these rules & agreements.